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HPC (beendet)
From: 26.07.2013 / 13:00
To: 27.07.2013 / 13:00
Dear HPC-users
You should have already read this email, we apologize for the duplication.

Sollten Sie diese Mail schon gelesen haben, bitten wir um Entschuldigung für die Dopplung.

the restore of the home filesystem is almost complete and we have
reenabled the login to the HPC systems. Some users home directories
are not yet available - they will be informed about this at login.
If you are one of those users, please try again later - it can take
up to another 12 h to restore all files.

Please keep in mind that you are accessing a snapshot of your home
directory taken in the night from July 16 to July 17, so all
changes that happened on July 17 during the day are unfortunately
not available. If you are missing important data from that day,
please inform us at hpcsupport@zih.tu-dresden.de as there is still
a high probability to retrieve this data at a later point.

We apologize again for the inconveniences caused by this long
service interupt which was due to a connection of worst
circumstances. Sometimes the fates have a very cruel sense of

Best regards, Guido Juckeland

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