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Matrix service (failure from Feb 02 to Feb 04) available again - loss of content (beendet)
From: 02.02.2023 / 16:37
To: 06.02.2023 / 14:00
Update 04.02.: The Matrix service is available again. Since the backup was imported as of 02/01/2023 18:00, all content sent between the time of the backup and the time of the outage (02/02/2023; 16:29) is basically lost. Depending on the client used, messages may have been cached and still be displayed temporarily.

The Matrix service is currently unavailable. Recovery is expected to take several hours, so the service is not expected to be available until 02/06/2023.

Please use the chat functions of BigBluebuttton [1] or Zoom [2] in exams if necessary, login with your ZIH-login:
[1] https://bbb.tu-dresden.de
[2] https://tu-dresden.zoom.us

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