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Service desk training (beendet)
From: 10.11.2023 / 12:50
To: 10.11.2023 / 15:00

The service desk will be closed on Friday, 10.11.23, from 12:50 to 15:00 for further training.

[Update] Restrictions on services (beendet)
From: 30.10.2023 / 10:01
To: 10.11.2023 / 14:00

[Update] 07-NOV-23: Restrictions may still apply
[Update] 01-NOV-23, 1:35 pm: group drives are working again, a restart may be required

Currently, there are some restrictions on the following services, among... [mehr]

[Update] Redcap Login not possible (beendet)
From: 10.11.2023 / 09:18
To: 10.11.2023 / 12:59

[Update] 11:10 a.m. The login works again.

There are currently restrictions when logging in to Redcap.

We are already working on a solution, please be patient.

Overleaf/Sharelatex Update (beendet)
From: 09.11.2023 / 07:00
To: 09.11.2023 / 09:00

On 09.11.2023, from 7-9 a.m., there will be an update of the software to the current version and a certificate swap. The service will be unavailable for some time.

Migration of Exchange distribution groups to IDM groups (beendet)
From: 06.11.2023 / 07:00
To: 08.11.2023 / 23:00

In the period from 06.11.2023 to 08.11.2023, all existing Exchange distribution groups will be migrated to the IDM group portal.

During the process, it will not be possible to manage the group members. However, the... [mehr]

Replacement of the process of cenral IDM group calculation (beendet)
From: 08.11.2023 / 07:00
To: 08.11.2023 / 10:00

Due to a future notification feature in the central group management, the process for calculating central IDM groups will be replaced on Wednesday, 08.11.2023. This process calculates the members of all IDM groups based on various... [mehr]

Ticket system: Maintenance work on 08.11.2023 (beendet)
From: 08.11.2023 / 08:00
To: 08.11.2023 / 09:00

Due to maintenance work, the ticket system will not be available on Wednesday, November 08 2023
from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m.

FAL Building Distribution Switch - Software Update (beendet)
From: 06.11.2023 / 07:00
To: 06.11.2023 / 09:30

On 06.11.2023, the software of the FAL building distribution switch will be updated. This will result in 1-2 switch restarts between 7:00 and 9:30 am. During the switch restarts, the data network (LAN and WLAN) and VoIP telephony... [mehr]

Restrictions Self-Service-Portal - E-Mail area (beendet)
From: 02.11.2023 / 13:01
To: 03.11.2023 / 13:38

There are currently restrictions in the Self-Service-Portal when accessing the subordinate tabs in the e-mail section.
A solution is already being worked on, we ask for a little patience.

Plotting service out of order (beendet)
From: 01.11.2023 / 09:47
To: 02.11.2023 / 13:27

Due to a server problem the plot service is out of order

Working on the server for OTP authorization for the admin VPN (beendet)
From: 01.11.2023 / 13:00
To: 01.11.2023 / 17:00

On 01.11.2023, maintenance work will be carried out on the server otp.zih.tu-dresden.de in order to make it suitable for further tasks in the authorisation environment. There will be no service interruption of the website or the... [mehr]

E-Learning Support and Media Technology Lending not staffed on 30-OCT-23 (beendet)
From: 30.10.2023 / 00:01
To: 30.10.2023 / 23:59

For operational reasons, the e-learning support will not be available on 30-OCT-2023 and the media technology lending service will be closed.
We are of course available by telephone at the Service Desk for urgent enquiries.

SAP maintenance update (beendet)
From: 30.10.2023 / 10:45
To: 30.10.2023 / 20:30

On October 30th, 2023, the current maintenance update for the SAP productive system will be applied. Therefore the system might not be available for about 4 hours.

Plotting service out of order (beendet)
From: 25.10.2023 / 09:22
To: 27.10.2023 / 16:00

Due to the installation of a new plotter, the plotting service will be out of service until approximately 10/27-23.

Using the forwarding portal from the self-service portal does not work (beendet)
From: 12.09.2023 / 16:21
To: 26.10.2023 / 12:00

Using the forwarding portal from the self-service portal does not work. Send the necessary data for forwarding (ZIH login, e-mail address concerned and external e-mail destination address) by e-mail to the service desk... [mehr]

Restrictions SelfServicePortal - ResearchCloud/Enterprise Cloud (beendet)
From: 25.10.2023 / 15:42
To: 25.10.2023 / 16:33

Currently, the management of Research Cloud/Enterprise Cloud via the SelfServicePortal is restricted.
We are already working on a solution, please be patient.

Ticket system: Maintenance work on 25.10.2023 (beendet)
From: 25.10.2023 / 08:00
To: 25.10.2023 / 09:00

Due to maintenance work, the ticket system will not be available on Wednesday, October 25 2023
from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m.

[Update] Partial failure of backup environment (beendet)
From: 19.10.2023 / 17:28
To: 23.10.2023 / 10:00

[Update] 23-OCT-23: The service is working again, but there are still occasional delays due to ongoing technical refurbishment work.

Due to a hardware malfunction of a tape library, backup and restore
operations are in some... [mehr]

Malfunction ISDN telephones Tatzberg/Biotec (beendet)
From: 18.10.2023 / 10:30
To: 22.10.2023 / 23:00

Due to a technical problem, the configuration of the ISDN telephones in the Tatzberg has changed (display name, wrong numbers). At the moment, the phones cannot be dialed from outside and the users in the Tatzberg can only make... [mehr]

Service Desk not available on 20.10.2023 between 13.00 and 15.00 hrs (beendet)
From: 20.10.2023 / 13:00
To: 21.10.2023 / 15:00

Due to a training the Service Desk will be closed on Friday, 20.10.2023 from 13.00 to 15.00 and not available. Please send inquiries during this time by mail.

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