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Network migration ZEU router (beendet)
From: 28.08.2023 / 18:00
To: 28.08.2023 / 20:00

Network migration ZEU router
On Monday, 28.08.2023, from 18:00-20:00 the networks of the old ZEU router (Cat6k) will be moved to the new router pair.
Subject to unforeseeable events, this will result in a short network outage... [mehr]

Malfunction in the Vodafone mobile network (beendet)
From: 24.08.2023 / 12:51
To: 24.08.2023 / 19:00

There are currently problems in the Vodafone mobile network. Some mobile communications cards are currently unable to make or receive calls.
Internet use on the mobile network is not affected. Vodafone is working to rectify the... [mehr]

Restriction in VM management of Enterprise and Research Cloud in selfservice portal (beendet)
From: 24.08.2023 / 07:00
To: 24.08.2023 / 10:00

Due to necessary updates, there will be temporary unavailability of virtual
machine management in VM management section in the selfservice portal, both
in the Enterprise Cloud and in the Research Cloud. The operation of... [mehr]

Conversion of data network connection ABS (beendet)
From: 23.08.2023 / 13:00
To: 23.08.2023 / 17:00

On Wednesday, 23.08.2023, construction work will be carried out on all building connections at the August-Bebel-Str. site from 1 pm to 5 pm in order to connect them to the routers in the WEB via the DWDM route FVZWEB.
Due to the... [mehr]

Ticket system: Maintenance work on 23.08.2023 (beendet)
From: 23.08.2023 / 08:00
To: 23.08.2023 / 09:00

Due to maintenance work, the ticket system will not be available on Wednesday, August 23 2023
from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m.

Security update on VPN gateway (vpn2, adminvpn - AnyConnect) (beendet)
From: 22.08.2023 / 18:00
To: 22.08.2023 / 20:00

On Tuesday, 22.08.2023, a security update will be applied to the VPN gateway vpn2.zih.tu-dresden.de (also adminvpn.zih.tu-dresden.de) in the time period 6 - 8 pm. Due to the redundant configuration, there will normally be no... [mehr]

Further activation of network security rules in the Enterprise Cloud (beendet)
From: 22.08.2023 / 10:00
To: 22.08.2023 / 11:00

On Tuesday, 22.08.2023 in the time from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m., special filter rules will be activated on the virtual switches of the virtualisation hosts of the Enterprise Cloud, which prevent unauthorised outgoing data traffic from... [mehr]

Security Update VoIP-System (beendet)
From: 21.08.2023 / 09:00
To: 21.08.2023 / 17:00

On Monday, 21.08.2023 urgently needed security updates will be applied to the VoIP system from 9 am.
Telephones, softphones, CTI clients and voicemail must temporarily re-register on the redundancy infrastructure, which will... [mehr]

Service desk not reachable by phone or not reachable by phone at times (beendet)
From: 21.08.2023 / 13:11
To: 21.08.2023 / 17:00

As a result of the VoIP update, the service desk is not available by telephone or is temporarily unavailable by telephone. Please contact the Service Desk by e-mail (servicedesk@tu-dresden.de).

ISL Remote Support Service: Restrictions on access for users (beendet)
From: 15.08.2023 / 16:28
To: 16.08.2023 / 14:30

There may be restrictions when logging in to the ISL Remote Support service. New users cannot be authorised/created. Colleagues are working on fixing the problem.

Ticket system: Maintenance work on 16.08.2023 (beendet)
From: 16.08.2023 / 08:00
To: 16.08.2023 / 09:00

Due to maintenance work, the ticket system will not be available on Wednesday, August 16 2023
from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m.

Software update for firewalls at Weberplatz and Trefftz-Bau (beendet)
From: 15.08.2023 / 19:00
To: 15.08.2023 / 21:00

The firewalls at Trefftz-Bau and Weberplatz sites require a software update because of a software bug.
The update will take place on Tuesday, 15.08.2023, between 7 and 9 pm. Due to the redundant configuration of the firewalls,... [mehr]

Maintenance work network connection Z48 (beendet)
From: 01.08.2023 / 11:00
To: 10.08.2023 / 16:00

Maintenance work is being carried out on your DFN service.
The connection to Z48 may be down for up to 10 minutes during the following period due to DFN reconstruction work.
02.08.2023 07:00 - 12:00 o'clock
09.08.2023 12:00 -... [mehr]

Maintenance work telephone system (beendet)
From: 09.08.2023 / 09:00
To: 09.08.2023 / 17:00

On 09.08.2023, maintenance work will be carried out on the telephone system between 09:00 and 17:00. All calls to and from ISDN and analog phones and fax machines will be affected. There may be several short interruptions (a few... [mehr]

Adaptation Port Configuration Access Switches in the FAL (beendet)
From: 09.08.2023 / 08:00
To: 09.08.2023 / 13:00

WoL config and changes to the VoIP VLAN ID are rolled out on the existing switches. This will result in brief interruptions to all LAN connections and restarts of the VoIP telephones. The outage will last approximately 5 minutes... [mehr]

Ticket system: Maintenance work on 09.08.2023 (beendet)
From: 09.08.2023 / 08:00
To: 09.08.2023 / 09:00

Due to maintenance work, the ticket system will not be available on Wednesday, August 09 2023
from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m.

Malfunction tower clock Schumann-Bau (beendet)
From: 31.07.2023 / 08:00
To: 08.08.2023 / 12:00

Die Turmuhr des Objektes Georg-Schumann-Bau (Münchner Platz) ist seit dem Wochenende
gestört und außer Betrieb.

Die Ursache wird zur Zeit ermittelt und die Fachfirma entsprechend informiert, um... [mehr]

Mains failure F29 (beendet)
From: 04.08.2023 / 15:00
To: 07.08.2023 / 20:00

In the Fetscherforum (F29), the data network, telephony and WLAN are down.
Colleagues are working to rectify the fault.

Zoom app update required (beendet)
From: 01.07.2023 / 06:00
To: 04.08.2023 / 18:00

To continue joining meetings, please update the Zoom app to the latest version 5.15.2 or contact your local IT administration to update the app.

[Desktop] https://zoom.us/download
[Android]... [mehr]

Ticket system not available (beendet)
From: 04.08.2023 / 07:00
To: 04.08.2023 / 07:50

The ticket system is not available due to a technical problem. Colleagues are working flat out to rectify the fault.

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